Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What can be done?

From your mouth to God’s ears, is what Alberto Gonzales should be saying to the hordes of press and Democratic administrators who are pressing for his retirement. All this silliness is unnecessary distraction. It is somewhat obvious that much of this information was leaked for some purpose that I believe serves as a straw man for the new powers that be to beat on. What we should be aiming for is the man behind the curtain. Mr. Bush is accountable and should be held to the standards of any treasonous prisoner. He should be sent to GITMO and tried with the hell he created. That would be a fitting punishment for a man who saw fit to defecate all over the Geneva Convention with such gusto. I could imagine he would quickly see the need for civilian console in those circumstances, not to mention living with the torture and jibing soldiers (who themselves don’t want to be there).

However that is just a pipe dream. There is little that can be done given the current reluctance of democrats to answer the call of justice. I have a great many doubts to the power and ability for our representatives to see a trial or even impeachment. Given the slim majority and that the motivation does not seem to be there what can one do? Someone once told me that cynicism is denial of hope, and perhaps I am all out of hope.

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