Sunday, May 06, 2007

Why Ron Paul will not be elected: my reaction to the Debate

Many people may believe that the reason Ron Paul will not make the GOP primary is because his opinions are to “extreme” or it would be “throwing your vote away.” There are several reasons why Ron will never be commander-in-Chief, the main one is money. Ron would never be able to raise the kind of funds that Hilary Clinton or John McCain would garner on the trail. This discrepancy has also blocked 3rd party candidates out of the presidential primaries. There are some politicians that talk vaguely about the corruptions of “fund raising” but will turn around and abuse soft money policy.

Another reason is media coverage of campaigns and exposure. Which is a direct consequence of his inability to fund raise to the level of the other candidates. The Republican Party has not “endorsed” him as there front man. So far it seems that they are behind McCain or perhaps even Giuliani if he steals the primary. Many core Republicans find Giuliani to be “controversial.” Ron on the other hand, also shares that weakness but in a slightly different fashion. He is far too high browed, talking about inflation and intent of the constitution. Most people don’t know what either of those ideas entails in the context of US policy.

Perhaps the last reason is that he has said very openly that he wants to abolish the welfare state. That has not gone over well with many people who see those services as vital. In the long run ending those programs or turning them over to the states would be best for all who are concerned but the masses do not seem to understand.

There are a number of more difficult and complex reasons dealing with voter efficacy, party ID, and candidates. I however feel that sometimes simplicy is best in these situations.

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Brainpolice said...

And the fact that the media ignores him, and spun the debate to paint the picture that all 10 canidates were pro-war and backed the president.