Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Would Make Hitler Proud

Kucinich Seeks To Ban Hand Guns In America

Congressman drafting legislation to make owning a hand gun illegal.
By Darren Toms, Newsradio WTAM 1100

Kucinich is currently drafting legislation that would ban the purchase, sale, transfer or possession of hand guns by civilians. A gun buy-back provision will be included in the bill.
Kucinich announced this move in the aftermath of Monday’s deadly shooting at Virginia Tech.

Kucinich noted in a speech to congress that about 32 people die each day in America due to hand gun related incidents. 33 died at VT.

Kucinich says it's becoming "painfully obvious" that the easy availability of handguns constituents a growing national crisis of public health and safety, one that he says calls for a powerful, wide-ranging response from congress.

He says the level of violence in our society constitutes a national emergency.

Already this Congress, Kucinich has introduced HR 808, legislation to establish a Department of Peace and Nonviolence. It would address the issue of domestic violence, gang violence, and violence in the schools, which is reflected in the current homicide rates.

Kucinich notes recent studies that indicate many killers had histories of mental illness. He says the lack of parity for mental health care remains one of the most serious deficiencies in healthcare in the United States.

Kucinich has also proposed HR 676, Medicare for all. It would establish a universal not-for-profit healthcare system, which would provide full and comprehensive mental healthcare.


Brainpolice said...

The irony of all of this is that the "mental illness" of such people is exaserbated if not caused by the very government pharmacudical complex that Kucinich wants to make universal. In short, a large contributing factor to the shooting is the psychotropic drugs that this person was put on. And he we have Mr. Kucinich calling not only for the utter abolition of the 2nd amendment, but universalizing the very "psychotherapy" stuff that causes such people to go over the edge.

kblair7 said...

Haha...its like the legalize drugs argument but drug treatment would be manditory