Friday, January 05, 2007


I will not be posting at BMB anymore so all my posting will be done here.

Have a nice day,



Brainpolice said...

Yea? What stimulus made you finally leave that board?

kblair7 said...

Don't get me started. The same shit they did to you. That guy Blazion started some stupid thread to discredit me, blame libertarians and call me a plagiarizer etc...Then sensing I was gone for a few days the vultures descended on my carcass.
That was when the first rationalist said maybe we shouldn't burn the people and call them witches or heritics, he got burned himself. LOL. Well its not a big deal, I have real work to do, and the thing that really irked me I NEVER once engaged in a attack of that magnitude. Anyways, they all decided to pick bones clean.

Its really my fault I should have never commented on the race thing. I should know better by now.

Teresa Beau said...

I'm sorry Kblair - I'm getting there myself, honestly. I'm sick of being followed around by turd throwing trolls, and Admin. just won't put a stop to it?!?

It just seems to get worse every day and drive more people away.

It's one thing to engage in a "lively" debate, another to have to deal with inane, pointless, idiots.


Teresa Beau said...

BTW: Here's one of my older brother's blog:

BP and KBlair, I think you might enjoy debating with him - HE LOVES TO "DEBATE," and won't get nasty or name call.

Just don't tell him I sent you - ok. ;) You're not going to believe I'm related to him. :0

Brainpolice said...

Blazion and Carmenjones are the court race-baiters at that website.

Brainpolice said...

Yea, I figured out you were: Teri from BM. How's it going? Nice blog.

kblair7 said...

Well, that is their goal. People there just go along with it.

It's really not a big deal. I was getting really frustrated anyways. People are extremely threatened by what we say because it makes logical sense. The race comments--again--were my fault, I should have NEVER gotten involved.
The other thing was the Israel issue. I decided to share my work with people, and they know literally nothing about it but condemn it. So now I am a racist, anti-semite, neocon, libertarian.
I am so popular!

Teresa Beau said...

Thanks BP! CrystalNY and I are working on one together. Even gotten it on some search engines.

I've never promoted mine or really even given it out much. Just a place to store my ranting! ;)

I'm with ya KBlair. It's freakin' amazing how many people blame ME for this crap. I just think this BS is more than we should have to put up with. BM's board used to be a really great place to discuss issues and ideas, but it's turned to crap in these last few months, and lot of it has to do with these scumbags! I'm SOOOOOO sick of it. Pisses me off to let them run us off, though. I'm trying to hang in there for the sake of principle.

A lot of us don't always agree, but we either ignore each other or try to have a civil debate. This bunch is so crude, vile, insulting, dismissive, and childish they're impossible to manage. Admin. just igores all pleas to stop it.

KBlair, I was SO IMPRESSED WITH YOUR WORK! I have to admit, most of it was way over my head, but I got your basic premise, and it's a good one.

I'd have thought with all the people on that board obsessed with Israel, you would have had a lot of people wanting to seriously discuss it with you. Sad.

Sometimes I wonder if Bill's show not being on and creating issues to discuss causes this total lack of thoughtfulness. No doubt the trolls are causing chaos and animosity, but seems like there's more to it.

Maybe give it a few months and see if they've burned themselves out? Your intellect is needed!