Monday, September 25, 2006

You Might Be a Statist If ...

You Might Be a Statist If ...
by Daylan Darby

Your notion of justice forces victims to provide, in part, the criminal's room, food, and entertainment.
You believe that those in government employ have never lied; or if they did it was for our own good.
You confuse the proper role of society (provide needs) and government (enforce rights).
You assume legislation can successfully and/or permanently change the laws of supply and demand.
You loan your money (at 0%) to the government all year and happily anticipate a tax refund.
You assert guns cause crime, foods cause obesity, schools cause education, or states create wealth.
Your answer to "love thy neighbor" is to force taxpayers to be the good Samaritan.
You want to constrain the right of self-defense, expression, worship, or association.
You believe a tax rate of X is acceptable, but a tax rate of 2X is somehow wrong or immoral.
You feel more secure after standing in line for hours followed by groping and harassment by strangers.
You want a government subsidy for arts, sports, farmers, corporations, foreign governments, etc.
You wouldn't personally, but believe the government should, punish others for growing certain plants.
You believe government has claim to our lives, liberties, and property – for the "common welfare."
You have ever said, "it's for the children," "there ought to be a law," or "I work for the government."
You're aghast by 10 seconds of broadcast indecency, but slight pictures of war-dead children.
You place fascism and communism (rather than anarchy and tyranny) on opposite sides of the scale.
You assume that the common man is a liar, yet believe the common politician tells the truth.
You are scared of the idea of consenting adults engaging in free trade; especially if they are not taxed.
You are willing to punish those who have done no harm to others or pardon those that have.
You label people "wacko," "paranoid," or "conspiratorial" for considering or expressing "cui bono?"
You say "democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner," then vote for bond issues.
You think people should be limited to doing business with state-approved individuals and companies.
You believe that warfare is more effective than free markets in promoting democracy or goodwill.
You advocate private property rights, unless the owner is "open for business."
You believe that as long as we can vote (for the tyrants of our choice), that we are free.
You engage in thousands of ruler-less acts a day, but believe anarchy is bad.
You think "our" team are heroes, and their's are villains, regardless of the situation.
You want government to solve social problems, economic inequalities, or foreign imbalances.
You are not aware that most regulations are in place to protect existing companies from competition.
You vote for the politician who promises to provide (steal from the taxpayers) the most.
You swear fidelity to a made-made idol, or wrap yourself in it to show others your nationalism.
You've been seduced to believe that central planning and central parties are essential.
You firmly believe in "thou shalt not kill or steal," unless performed by a government representative.
You could solve poverty, crime, or ignorance, by taking just a little bit more from the wealthy.
You expect others to compromise their principles, so that we can all just get along.
You defer or submit to the authority of others, simple because of their titles or riches.
You equate those desiring less government with those longing for the past, isolation, or less technology.
You don't comprehend that public schools, public roads, and public welfare are all forms of socialism.
You claim separation of church and state, then vote a tax on others to enforce your beliefs and values.
You affirm that rights come from government or that groups have more rights than individuals.
You are unprepared to defend or provide for yourself; you expect government to solve your problems.
You threaten those who express an opposing opinion; violence is your preemptive solution.
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