Sunday, August 20, 2006

Politics Test

Take my new and improved politics test at:

My results:
Radical Libertarian - You scored 95% Personal Liberty and 90% Economic Liberty!

A radical libertarian believes in little to no government intervention for both personal and economic matters. A radical libertarian generally believes in one out of these two options: (1) A government that is extremely small and limited to the extent of protecting people's liberty - this view is known as Minarchism (2) No government at all, in which the private sector takes up all legitimate functions that a government would have - this view is known as Anarcho-Capitalism. Radical Libertarians tend to be strongly opposed to war, police powers, victimless crimes, foreign intervention and what they consider to be a welfare state. Radical Libertarians tend to be inspired by the Austrian school of economics, classical liberalism and 19th century individualist anarchism. They are individualists and try to protect both personal and economic liberty. Examples of Radical Libertarianism would be Murray Rothbard, H.L. Mencken, Ludwig Von Mises and Lysander Spooner.


DRS said...

Radical Libertarian
You scored 92% Personal Liberty and 87% Economic Liberty!

Brainpolice said...

Cool, a few percentage points shold of me, 3 in each :) The test is not perfect, given that one's entire views and motives can't be revealed by only 160 issues, but it certainly does a good job of measuring how principled a libertarian is - the people in the 60's and 70's aren't as consistant libertarians, although still part of "the team" I suppose.

Brainpolice said...

Someone got this result:
4% Personal Liberty, 0% Economic Liberty - Totalitarian

Scary.....guy was from Sweden. 4%? That's all the liberty you got? Real scary.

DRS said...

From Sweden 4% personal liberty??????

I think he was just messing with you or he couldn't read english