Sunday, July 30, 2006

Robin Hood or Robbing The Hood?

The emperor sure is provided with alot of clothes, and that means that it is our duty to point out that the emperor is naked. Politicians dupe people with talk of helping those in need, then they pick your pocket. You vote for them even. The government convinces people that it is robin hood so that it may exploit them symbiotically. Once the people start to believe that the government can end poverty, end tyranny on earth and build nations, this is used as a means to expand government power (eliminate liberty) in both economic, social, domestic and foreign affairs. It constitutes a form of planned chaos.

Such interventions and expansions are merely throwing gasoline on the fire. Instead of curing the problems, they add new problems and complicate matters. They make the problem worse. And then the new problems are used as a rationale for further expansions and interventions, in an endless cumulative cycle. All the while, things keep getting worse and your liberty is eliminated. People are discouraged from questioning if the government's own interventions are the problem. The government is then exempted from natural law, and is free to do as it pleases. This is why government needs to be expressly limited, so that it doesn't become an agressor.

A modern liberal may put forth the contention that "how can people believe that they can live forever because some man in a pointy hat told them it was true?". I agree and sympathize with this contention, but I would "counter" with "how can people believe that they can turn the poor into a vibrant middle class because some man in a suite told them it was true?". In either case, trust has been transfered into power. Of course, in each case, that trust is quite likely to be based on a complete impossibility, half-truth or lie. The power achieved from that trust is therefore exploited, and the real effect is to harm the individual's liberty in some way.

When the government taxes the middle class to send money to foreign governments "in the name of" helping fight poverty abroad, it is really robbing the people both domestically and abroad. When the government taxes the middle class to provide someone with a weekly welfare paycheck, this actually functions to rob from the middle class while keeping the poor in a complacent state, not rising up the economic ladder at all. Of course, the other method used to spend money on these things is fiat printing, which worsens the poverty and erodes the middle clsss even more through price inflation, which constitutes a hidden tax on the middle class and poor. Furthermore, the high adminastrative costs of a centrally planned beuracracy inevitably renders the service inneficient, as beuracrats and the connected rich politicians and buisiness leech money from the system.

Of course, a common rallying cry at such a point is to raise the minimum wage. And a raise of the minimum wage functions to outlaw the very jobs formerly available to the poor, minority and young workers. If the minimum wage was 6 dollars an hour, and it was raised to 7.10 an hour, this would function to outlaw all jobs between those given wages. As a result, unemployment for people who would have taken such jobs, which leads to massive homelesness and poverty problems down the line. Furthermore, in relation to the fiat printing, the wage increase itself becomes negated by inflation. In relation to welfare, if the welfare rolls are increased, this makes not working more desirable, which leads to more unemployment and welfare recipients.

Why would someone that genuinely cares about the economic well-being of the country want to increase everyone's tax burden. Do such people not realize that they are harming the very people they profess to value and be protecting? The average person already pays around half of their money in taxes. Add up federal income taxes, state income taxes, property taxes, social security, medicare, sales taxes and the inflation tax - and it becomes apparent that everyone is being robbed of the vast majority of their prosperity and well-being simply to run the government as it is. In short, one's ability to voluntarily improve one's own economic and physical well-being is completely eroded. The fact that someone might recieve a lesser service from the government later down the line does not negate this, and the person could have gotten the exact same service cheaper and at better quality voluntarily through private means.

The governments out of control spending on such things leads to deficits and debt, which leads to more taxing and printing, which leads to more impoverishment of the people. It's like an endless cycle of erosion in property rights and liberty, while people are always being convinced that it's "for their own good", that government is robbin hood. But the reality is that the government is robbing the neighborhood while duping the people into thinking that it benefits them somehow. Government is acting as a criminal, as an aggressor, and the vast majority of people allow and even enthuisiastically support it under the false notion that the government is acting as a savior, healer and all-knowing deed to mankind. It is a diefication of political power of sorts - government as superman. Cumulatively, this process does nothing but rob the middle class and increase the poverty problem.

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